Jeffreys Books in Glenferrie Road, Malvern was my refuge as a child.

While other kids were sinking their hard earned pocket money into whatever it was that other kids were buying in the 1980s, I was investing in books from Jeffreys. I still have half a shelf’s worth of dog-eared Penguin Classics I bought there, not to mention a stack of the Tintin books that fuelled my obsession with the Middle East. Yet to encounter a real-life Captain Haddock, though.

And now… and now… The Emerald Tablet is on the shelves at Jeffreys. Never saw that one coming.

If you have any interest at all in knowing how and why I do what I do (no small feat – most of the time I’ve no idea why I do what I do, either!🤣)… pop in to visit lizbiesnerdyworld where I was lucky enough to share my thoughts on the writing of The Emerald Tablet with the fabulous Lizbie.

Enjoy! And, thank you, Lizbie. It was fun.

Logies night. Haven’t tuned in to watch this since I used to stay with my grandma near Phillip Island. She was a TV Week fangirl before fangirls we’re a thing.

Now, a TV show I co-wrote is up for an award… The Pacific in the Wake of Captain Cook with Sam Neill. Also shooting for the most unwieldy title ever. But it is a series I’m extremely proud of, more so after my trip last week to NZ where I heard how well it was received by some of the people we were attempting to represent.

Anyway, Sam. Chookahs. So proud to have worked on this with you. Hope you walk out with a little gold flare-panted man.

First, a disclaimer. I’m an avowed pacifist. But I’m also not one to say ‘no thanks, I’d rather just stay here drinking fine wine and reading by the fire’ when a new experience is on offer.

So it was that I found myself on a hillside in New Zealand shooting at what the experts assured me is a very impressive clay pigeon shooting range. Poor clay pigeons. No wonder you don’t see them in the wild any more. 🤣

I was feeling a tad anxious with the launch of The Emerald Tablet looming, and an excursion to fire shooty things seemed like a very good idea. Anyway, as it turns out, I’m a pretty danged good shot. Why… and how? Possibly latent aggression. Certainly something to do with an intrinsically competitive nature (damned if I was going to let all those blokes beat me). But I credit it to many hours spent with my son shooting zombies 🧟‍♀️ on Call of Duty.

Seems Playstation might actually be of some practical use, after all. Particularly when the zombie apocalypse arrives. You definitely want me on your side.