Yeah! Freebies!!

Why? Because I’m overwhelmed with excitement about the upcoming release of my next novel, The Emerald Tablet… and because who doesn’t like a freebie, right?

So, we’ve got ourselves three prizes, all Turkish-themed, natch!

To the winner, signed (and inscribed, if you like) copies of my two Benedict Hitchens novels, along with a stunning hand-loomed, 100% Turkish cotton peshtemel (pictured – that tasty blue and red textile!) It’s durable and fine enough to serve duty as anything from a scarf to a towel, or even a tablecloth. I say this from personal experience… I have more of these than I can count. But don’t worry – this is a brand-spanking new one!

And to the two runners-up, a signed copy of The Emerald Tablet, along with a silver ‘nazar boncuk’ – ‘evil eye’ – pendant.

Excited yet?😝

To enter, just do the following:

1) Like my page (this one!) on WordPress, if you haven’t already

2) Like this post

3) Imagine I’ve given you the keys to the time machine I’ve got in the garage (yeah. I do). Tell me in a comment what historical period and place you’d use it to visit, and why. And…

4) In your comment, tag the person or people you’d like to take with you.

The giveaway is available via my platforms on WordPress, Insta, Facebook and Twitter, and runs until 5pm (AEST) on 25 June, which is the release day for The Emerald Tablet. Winners will be notified on 26 June.

In the meantime, or if you’re not one of the lucky winners, you can order The Emerald Tablet via this link to the Pan Macmillan website.

As with all such promotions, this giveaway is in no way sponsored, administered, or associated with WordPress Inc. By entering, you confirm that you’re 13+ years of age, and release WordPress from all liability, and agree to WordPress’ terms of use.

Good luck!

The Suez Canal,1956. The world teeters on the brink of nuclear war, and the Middle East is a tinderbox.

And archaeologist Benedict Hitchens is back. His natural inclination towards self-sabotage leads him on a high-stakes chase across the Middle East, from Istanbul to Cairo, to the ancient city of Jerusalem, and into the sands of the Sinai and Negev deserts 🏜.

He’s in pursuit of his nemesis – the woman who almost destroyed him. She’s at least as brilliant as he is, and has had to fight to make it in a world dominated by ruthless and unprincipled men.

Now, they’re both searching for the same thing – an ancient treasure that, in the wrong hands, could mean the annihilation of humankind.

This is a story of unlikely alliances set against the backdrop of a world in turmoil.

Released 25 June, preorders via link to Pan Macmillan here if you can’t wait 😊!

People often ask me why I’m a little obsessed with Turkey. Yes, I’m back there again in my new novel, The Emerald Tablet. Can’t stay away.

This place – and the people who live there – has a great deal to do with it. Bodrum. Thanks to our beautiful friends, Bahadir Berkaya and Chris Drum, Andrew and I were married in that tower right there. The English Tower in the Bodrum Museum of Underwater Archaeology.

It was quite an event. In the age before social media, it wasn’t documented as thoroughly as it would have been if we’d been married today. But it was quite a party.

And it was all the better for having a few of you dinguses out there with us to help celebrate. Good times, eh? 😊

Now I know what an elephant feels like. After a very long gestation, the birth of my new novel is just two weeks away.

Straddling the politics and history of Egypt, Israel, and Turkey, and set in one of the most turbulent periods of the 20th century, The Emerald Tablet is quite a ride!

If you want to get in early, click here –, and you can have a sneaky look at the first chapters and sign up for a preorder. 😁


Meaghan Wilson Anastasios

As much as I was joking about struggling to write my dedication in ‘The Emerald Tablet’, there was never any question about the people I’d be nominating. It was always going to be my just-about-perfect two children. The difficult bit was deciding how to phrase it.

What do you think… too irreverent? Hope they like it.