Meaghan Wilson Anastasios

Screenwriter and bestselling author of 'The Honourable Thief', 'The Emerald Tablet', and 'The Water Diviner'.

When I say I’ve always wanted to be an author, I’m not exaggerating. Witness: my first self-published piece of fiction: “the elvse and the showmaker”. Yes, I clearly needed the guiding hand of a good editor. And I was yet to grasp the concept of plagiarism. But, still – I was barely 5. Cut me some slack. If I was a visual artist, I’d be calling it ‘appropriation’. And I segued to another ‘appropriated’ tale to end my novel – “firoshus the puppy dragan” (aka: Ferocious the Puppy Dragon). ‘the dragan got the bisket and the little boy came a fabilus coke. the end.’ Transl: ‘The dragon got the biscuit and the little boy became a fabulous cook.’ Now, that’s what I call a twist – ending a story about elves and a shoemaker with a dragon and an ambitious young man. And, no – the association between cooks and coke is not something young Meaghan knew anything about.

Know what makes me smile? Seeing world-class, kick-arse Australian TV.

And that’s what I was privileged to be involved with last night. Channel 7 screened a preview of the first two episodes of Secret Bridesmaids’ Business and I was lucky enough to be in the audience.

The production is lush and stunning to look at, the soundtrack absolute perfection, the story gripping, the characters compelling, and the cast magnificent. Highlights – the gorgeous Georgina Haig as a bride-to-be being dragged backwards through the emotional wringer, Katie McGrath as a very conflicted bridesmaid, Abbie Cornish diving headfirst into trouble, and a charismatic Alexander England taking us to some surprising, and very disturbing, places. Berets dipped to the whole team.

Only quibble? That I have to wait to see the next four episodes. Nails bitten to the quick in nervous anticipation till then 😬.

Seriously, don’t miss this one.

And, yes, it is my husband Andrew also-of-the-ridiculously-long-surname you’ll see in the credits as writer. But that doesn’t sway me in the show’s favour. If anything, it makes me an even harsher critic.

Whether or not I’m ‘special’ is open for debate. But I certainly will be a guest, and I am an author. Most importantly, I can’t wait to spend time with the book-loving devotees of Dymocks Camberwell next Tuesday 3 September at their First Tuesday Book Club, to speak about all things Emerald Tablet. 6.30 at Barolo Trattoria. Come along and sharpen up your heckling skills. I can take it! Hope to see you there.

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Yes, I’ve been on a social media sabbatical. Because puppy 🐶. Could there be any greater distraction than this? Milo is a little rescue baby, the result of a romantic interlude between a Mastiff and a handsome stranger. Money’s on a German Shepherd. She’s eleven weeks old, absolutely divine, and promises to be the size of a Shetland pony when she’s done growing. Smitten 🥰😍.

A review that starts like that? Daggers to the heart.

Why? Well, imagine you’re a restaurant specializing in satay and a review comes out that starts with the line: “I don’t usually eat peanuts… because I’m likely to go into anaphylactic shock.” Or you’re a producer on Survivor and a critic announces they’ve: “never been into reality TV. Last one I watched was ‘Sylvania Waters.” (Yes, Gen X. That was a thing. Before you were born. Google it.)

But my concerns were misplaced. The review of The Emerald Tablet on ANZ LitLovers is an absolute corker. Apparently, my book is “a thriller for a thinking person”, featuring a “complex character in Ben”, a “…well-crafted plot”, and is “…infinitely better than anything by Dan Brown.”

I’ll take that. Thank you, Lisa Hill.