Meaghan Wilson Anastasios

Screenwriter and bestselling author of 'The Honourable Thief', 'The Water Diviner', and 'The Pacific: In the Footsteps of Captain Cook.'

When Booktopia approached me and asked me to throw my hat in the ring with their ‘Ten Terrifying Questions’ feature, I thought to myself – ‘what could be so terrifying?’ Are they going to ask me about myself shameful addiction to trashy gossip sites? Or perhaps they expect me to open up about the times I donned black Wayfarers and a skinny tie to attend screenings of The Blues Brothers at the Valhalla Cinema. More than once.

The list, when it came, wasn’t at all intimidating. At first. Then I looked at it in more detail. The questions may not have been truly terrifying. But they certainly were challenging. Best of all, they made me think.

So, what were they? You’ll have to follow the link below to find out! Didn’t think I was going to make it that easy for you, did you?



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