Meaghan Wilson Anastasios

Screenwriter and bestselling author of 'The Honourable Thief', 'The Water Diviner', and 'The Pacific: In the Footsteps of Captain Cook.'

OK. So, I’m bloody loving the process of unpacking my poor library, consigned to cardboard boxes for way too many months.

Then I reached my substantial collection of art books. “ Hail, old friends!” I cried. (My children frequently accuse me of channelling someone born in the fifteenth century). But as I was setting them free, I noticed something wrong.

“What on earth could that be,” you ask? “That looks like a danged fine line up of weighty tomes… what are you carrying on about, woman?”

Well, that’s just it.

Where are all the girls?

Sure, there’s a Marina Abramovic front and center. But where are all the rest of the sisterhood?

Like so many other things, the story of art we’ve been told is a story of men, written by men.

And it’s getting a bit old.

One thought on “What’s wrong with this picture?

  1. donpa11 says:

    So, be the change you wish it to be!


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