Meaghan Wilson Anastasios

Screenwriter and bestselling author of 'The Honourable Thief', 'The Emerald Tablet', and 'The Water Diviner'.

The Suez Canal,1956. The world teeters on the brink of nuclear war, and the Middle East is a tinderbox.

And archaeologist Benedict Hitchens is back. His natural inclination towards self-sabotage leads him on a high-stakes chase across the Middle East, from Istanbul to Cairo, to the ancient city of Jerusalem, and into the sands of the Sinai and Negev deserts 🏜.

He’s in pursuit of his nemesis – the woman who almost destroyed him. She’s at least as brilliant as he is, and has had to fight to make it in a world dominated by ruthless and unprincipled men.

Now, they’re both searching for the same thing – an ancient treasure that, in the wrong hands, could mean the annihilation of humankind.

This is a story of unlikely alliances set against the backdrop of a world in turmoil.

Released 25 June, preorders via link to Pan Macmillan here if you can’t wait 😊!

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