Meaghan Wilson Anastasios

Screenwriter and bestselling author of 'The Honourable Thief', 'The Water Diviner', and 'The Pacific: In the Footsteps of Captain Cook.'

Forget where I’d LIKE to write. The question they should ask is where I actually end up writing. Where I’d LIKE to be writing is in my book-lined study, on my antique French oak partners’ desk.

Instead, I’m beside the ball pit at Lollipops indoor playground, supervising my completely fabulous daughter and niece as they bounce from one well-padded piece of gym equipment to another. To fully put you in the picture, insert the ear-splitting shrieks of the pre-teen set and persistent throbbing of boy-band music that makes my fingernails curl and forces me to accept the fact that I am fast advancing towards grumpy old lady stage of life.

Yet, here I am with my laptop. Because once I start writing, everything else fades away. I’ve become very adept at adapting my writing to prevailing conditions. Once I’m in the zone, even the noises that pass as music 🎶 in places like this fade to black.

Now, where are my children??!! 😬

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